Luft 46 Models: BMW kit list

BV List

BV 40 BV 141
BV 155 BV 237
BV P163 BV P170
BV P178 BV P179
BV P184 BV P188
BV P192 BV P193
BV P194 BV P196
BV P197 BV P198
BV P202 BV P203
BV P204 BV P205
BV P207 BV P208
BV P209 BV P210
BV P211 BV P212
BV P213 BV P215


Blohm und Voss 155
Pegasus 1/72

William Moore

This is a limited run injection moulded kit . The quality is reasonable given this fact . There is a fair quantity of fitting work required . The assembly of the wings given their large size is problematic . This is where mine currently sits unfinished . The Airwaves detail set is a good help as is the Monogram book if you can get one . As I've heard from Dan Johnson that this kit is commanding prices in the region of $80US this is really only for the keen if you don't have one yet.

Czechmaster Bv155B 1/72
William Moore

According to John Clarke this is an early kit from Czechmaster and as such is fairly basic - unfortunately this kit actually depicts the BV P205 an interim type and is shown under that heading in these pages.

Arba - 1/48
Doug Devers

This is a nice looking kit. Fine detail in the resin casting, and only a few very small bubbles. Propeller blades, landing gear struts & doors, instrument panel, control stick and pilots seat are all cast in white metal . None of the parts look as if they will require extensive cleanup. Two vacuform canopies are included, so you can screw one up and get away with it. An acetate landing light is listed in the parts list, but my kit doesn't have one. Oddly, the canopy framing is much clearer than the 'glass', but a coat of FutureT floor polish should help. As usual with Arba kits, no decals are supplied, but I'm sure if you're reading this, you've got a stash of the required kreuzen. The only complaint I've got about this kit is the instructions. One page of text consisting of a brief history of the aircraft, a parts list, and a twelve step assembly procedure, no illustrations, and only a not-very-well-lit photo glued to the box top as a guide. It mentions to check the dihedral when assembling the wing, but fails to specify the angle, if any. To end on a positive note, it looks as if it will build into a fine looking model. I'll get it of these days.