Luft 46 Models: Bibliography list

Bibliography List

The Alternative Luftwaffe
Deutsche Luftrustung: Do
German Aircraft of WWII
German Secret Weapons of the Second World War
Hitler's Luftwaffe
Jet Planes of the 3rd Reich, the Secret Projects
Kookaburra Tech Pub
Last Year of the Luftwaffe
Luftwaffe Emblems
Luftwaffe Project Aircraft
Luftwaffe Secret Projects
Luftwaffe Colors
Messerchmitt Projects
Secret Aircraft Designs
Secret German Aircraft Projects of 1945
Secret Wonder Weapons
Suicide Squads
Toad Newsletter
V-Missiles of the 3rd Reich
Warplanes of the 3rd Reich
X-Planes of the 3rd Reich


Luftwaffe Secret Projects (multiple volumes)
Schick & Meyer

These are large format, hardbound reference books that are an excellent resource and are also currently in print.  The series has continued by covering German ground attack aircraft and then branching out to give the RAF the same treatment.  A tad on the pricey side they are still an excellent investment and make for a great read.