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BMW Flugelrad I
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BMW Flugelrad I
Planet Models - Resin - 1/72
William Moore

This is one of those lovely way out there kit based on lots of suppositions and maybes. The German flying saucer may well be a crock of s##t but it certainly looks good. Recommended references are of course the work of Jutsin Mirando and it's republishing by Antarctic Press ( limited run comic ) as well as the "faction" of WA Harbinson and his Projekt Saucer books . Also in my Links section is Maurizio's German UFO page

The kit is 14 resin pieces including the main hull cast as one piece , the vac form canopy an six etched steel pieces providing detail for the engine area. The main hull seems to be ok though my example is a little bent and there are scratches and dips that will need a little filler . I think the hardest part of this kit will be getting the u/c lined up with 4 wheels to do . Suggested colour scheme is silver overall , gunmetal around the exhaust and black for the tyres. For the main colour I am tempted to replace this with RLM 02 or 84 but that's just my thoughts . No decals are supplied and placement would be a problem but this is your call , it is stated this is only a prototype and with the V-2 also available maybe this would never have been used - who knows . Well recommended as a start for good L46 resin kits . I also just noticed the cockpit has extra detailing moulded into the top of the engine area so a little extra work here could really make this kit . The Unicraft kit till 99 used to be the only one available - I'd obviously recommend the Planet one but having said that some of their other kits may be of interest . Two shots of the completed Unicraft kits are also enclosed.

BMW Flugelrad I
Unicraft - Resin - 1/72
Linzi Mumford

Flying Saucer, jet autogyro, what more can I say! (apparently it flew is 1943!)

Material - Unicraft resin, vac canopy

Construction - easy, only a few pieces but a few bubbles on the rotors. The ring around rotors difficult as not supplied so it has to be made from card. Interior not supplied but easy to make as very simple seat/stick/panel. Canopy just a dome of clear, fits onto a flat surface on the central cupola. U/C in a million pieces so I replaced them from the spares box. Deflected thrust plenum has to be scratch built and this is a major headache.

Finish - silver overall according to my references not as the instructions say.

Conclusions - Brilliant when sat next to Sack AS6 disc but Delta Resins are supposedly releasing one soon along with the rest of the Flugelrad series so perhaps you should wait.

And from Kim M

FLUGELRAD I. He has it right. I was thinking I would have to rework the rotor blades, but I will not. However, here is where etched brass would come in handy. The rotor requires a rim, and jet exhaust requires a louvered box to be added. There is no cockpit interior, but the canopy is apparently a purloined navigator's dome, so there isn't much to see. You must come up with landing gear also.

A finished one.