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Daimler Benz Project E
AV Resins - $13.90USD - Silverbird
William Moore

I've got this kit also but got bogged down in much the same problems as below ie I got sick of using Milliput and filling and sanding . One day I may return to this kit ! The diagram is from Dan Johnson's site also. The photograph is of John Clarke's finished model.

Daimler Benz Project E
AV Resins
John Clarke

The DB Project E was an expendable manned flying bomb which was to be taken into combat under the wing of the huge DB Project A along with 4 other DB Project E aircraft.

This resin kit comes in a box with a single A4 sheet containing 3 views of the aircraft & its specifications. No assembly instructions or decals are provided.  This is a relatively crude kit with a minimum of parts or surface detail , that being said what surface detail there is is good and the jet engine does have inlet and outlet detail unlike some other resin kits on the market.

The kit is conventional in layout with fuselage halves & solid wings, all the parts were free of surface air-bubbles & distortion.  The kit goes together reasonably well, however most joins required some filler to hide the gaps.

With this being a expendable flying bomb it has no undercarriage, so there is the problem of displaying it. I have decided to make a maintenance trolley for mine, or it could be mounted on a pole.  The clarity of the vacuum formed canopy is excellent, although it does require some extra work to make it fit the fuselage contour adequately.  I finished my model overall in RLM 76 with a mottle of RLM on upper surfaces

AV Resin kits are now available from NKR models in Australia and Hannants in England as well as Silverbird in the Czech Republic . Check my Links page for these.