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Junkers Ju EF126
Merlin - 1:72 - Injection

John Clarke

The Junkers Ju EF126 was a design for a low cost ground attack aircraft. The design had reached the mock up stage at war end, there are reports that the Russians built & flew this aircraft after the war.

This is a somewhat basic, limited run injection moulded kit. The kit comprises some 20 parts, a injection moulded canopy, instructions & decals. The decals are best discarded & one’s used from one of the many third party sources.

The quality of the moulded parts is somewhat indifferent, the panel lines are basic and deep, and the surface quality is also not the best. The canopy is also very cloudy. ( This is typical of Merlin kits. - William )

Once the fuselage halves are joined you then need to mark out on the fuselage sides the wing attachment points, the only guide provided with the kit is the plan view, there being no sign of the correct location point on the fuselage side’s. Once the wings have been glued on & are dried, then comes the pulsejet. Mine was badly out of shape, so it was off to the spares box for one from the HUMA He 280 kit.

Whilst constructing the wheel wells extra weight is needed at the front to balance this kit on it’s tricycle undercarriage. On my kit I discarded the provided undercarriage & used a spare set (of a He 162) I had. You will also need to raid the spare’s box if you want to detail the cockpit area, as the one provided on the kit is rather spartan.

As I said at the beginning, straight from the box this is a rather basic kit but with a few bits from the spares box, some filler & time it is possible to produce an acceptable model of this aircraft.

Available from

    * Hannants in England

Merlin are probably the only company in the world that can make Unicraft look good . Beware of strangers lurking in dark alleys trying to give this one away. Avoid like the plague.

Here's Gary Webster's effort on this - lots of work here - "It truely was a labor, everything out of square, tons of flash, LOTS of Sanding and putty, but I can say I actually built one" are his words.

Ju EF 126
AV Models 1/72 - Resin etc

William Moore

A rather typical resin kit from AV . It comes in their usual stout cardboard box with a plain lid on which is a colour rendition of the plane. There isn't much to this point defence fighter which looks a little like the manned V-1. The moulding is also very typical with the main body having a mould line around the middle. The rest of the parts have flash but as there are so few it will be just an evenings work spent on cleanup. As usual you get AV's generic small brass set with seats straps and pedals . You will have oleo struts and aerials left over for other kits which will not go astray. The seat and joystick are in white metal . You really won't need to do much cockpit detailing as the area is so small . The canopy is of course vacform. The decals which round out the package are MPD and only suitable for binning based on past experience. The skids are shown in the retracted position . The only other bit of work will be to put some mesh at the front of the pulse jet back in about 0.5mm to represent the fuel injection grill.

This will be a fairly quick kit to do.