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Over the years there have been a number of companies which have produced Luft 46 kits.  Some of these companies put out a bunch of excellent kits and then folded up into history.  Others morphed into different companies but still kept producing kits of the subject.  In some cases a kit manufacturer is listed here due to the one or two examples of the genre.  I have also attempted to list kit manufacturers which I know have produced Luft 46 kits even if I know little about the company itself.  As such, I gladly welcome any corrections or additional information which you folks could provide. [Updated: 22 August 2007]
Company Name Comments
A & V A resin kit manufacturer.  I'm not sure where they hail from but they produce some truly excellent kits and many of them are of Luft 46 subjects.
Airmodel From Germany, I believe, and a long time producer of Luft 46 subjects.  Originally just in vacuform but they've since branched out into producing resin kits and resin accessories.  High quality stuff.
Based in the Czech republic, this company now produces an excellent line of limited run injection molded plastic kits which flesh out the world of German aviation.
Czech Master Kits - CMK This is one of the older companies in the Luft 46 field.  Resin is a fairly recent medium to manufacture model kits out of and CMK was one of the first to do so in any number.  Starting in the early to mid-80's, they produced a number of very interesting kits in very limited quantities.  Typically in 1/72nd scale, of rather small sized subjects, of kit designs which had the wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizers all molded as a single unit, and with no decals included in the kit, these releases were noted for their accuracy and their rarity.  Today's releases, sold through MPM, are aimed more at the after-market resin detail world.  Those original Luft 46 kits from the 80's are much sought after on eBay.
DML A Chinese company, they produce many a mainstream injection molded plastic kits.  They've branched into the Luft 46 realm with some of their offerings.  Most notably their line of Arado Ar234 kits which included the Julia rocket fighter or nightfighter versions of the Blitz.  DML kits are usually of top of the line quality in design and molding.
Heller First ventured into the Luft 46 world with their Bachem Ba-349 A Natter kit.  Quality of Heller kits has ranged from about equal to early Airfix to being more or less contemporary.  I'm not sure if they're still in business.
Huma Another Czech based company, I'm not sure if they're still in business but when they were they produced a dazzling range of Luft 46 kits.  For many years they, and MPM, were the companies to turn to for Luft 46 subjects.
Mach 2 A French company which has produced some very interesting kits over the years.  The quality of their work can be wanting a times and their prices tend to be a bit high.  But in many cases, theirs is the only kit of a particular subject and, with a bit of work, can be made into Stirling models.  One thing they definitely need to work on is their website.  It's got to be among the most cluttered and slow to load I've been on in years!
Merlin A company from the UK, they've produced a number interesting short-run low pressure injection molded plastic and resin kits.
MPM Ltd. - Czech Republic This is a large and going concern in the Czech Republic.  MPM produces kits under its own label and serves as the distributer and marketing point for several other Czech based model houses.  Among these are companies, such as Condor, CMK and Special Hobby, which got their start in the Luft46 world.
Pavla Yet another Czech based company which produces limited run injection and resin kits of Luft 46 and other subjects.  Quality workmanship typifies their kit design and manufacture.  Their subject selection is always intriguing.
Planet Models This is what the CMK from the 80's evolved into.  Whereas the kits which CMK sells through MPM are 1/35th armor stuff, CMK sells full-on aircraft kits under its Planet Models label.  These kits are generally of excellent quality, are sharply molded, and range from mostly Luft 46 to some rather esoteric 50's jets to some of the lesser known biplane types flown during the war.  High quality and interesting subjects are what Planet produces these days.
PM Models A model making company based, of all things, in Turkey!  They've produced a small line of 72nd scale Luft 46 subjects.  Inexpensive and fairly unique.  These aren't bad little kits and they're priced cheaply enough to be very attractive despite their simplicity and rather basic detailing.
Revell-Germany This is not your father's Revell!  Based in Germany, this portion of the Revell model making conglomerate has long been noted for its excellence in kit design and manufacturing quality.  In the late 90's they also branched out into the Luft 46 world with a series of very well received kits on that subject.  This was a surprising thing to see a major kit manufacturer step into this genre and their kits were well very well done and quite popular.  I don't think they're still in production so if you see them on eBay or elsewhere - snap them up fast!
RS Models More Czech Republic resin goodness.
Sharkit A second French firm which specializes in the esoteric.  Lots of Luft 46 items here as well as others of an equally arcane nature.  Their kits tend to need a bit more work than the Mach 2 ones but are equally as worth it due to their detail and subject matter.
Unicraft Igor Shestakov's one man operation from the Ukraine.  His little company has long been tackling subjects which are too esoteric for even the most hardened Czech resin company to even consider.  While some of his early works were a tad crude in their molding and finish, even they could be built-up into excellent little kits.  Igor produces a wide range of Luft 46 kits as well as their equivalents from Russia, the US and elsewhere.  Very attractive and worthwhile to get a hold of.
Wingnut International Wingnut International was a business started by Karl Juelch in the early 1990s to produce resin 1/72 scale airplane kits. While in operation, Wingnut produced the Messerschmitt Me-509 and the Ju-88G-10 conversion kit. Karl also sold resin 1/72 "Berlin" radar noses for late war Ju-88 nightfighters, and full kit of the Republic XP-72 and a cockpit detail set in 1/72 for the F-84F rounded out Wingnut’s product line.

The 509, while somewhat basic, sold rather well until the RS kitting of it came out and started receiving wide distribution. The Ju-88G-10 conversion kit was in high demand as there was no surgery needed to use it since it was a direct replacement fuselage for the AMT/ERTL Ju-88G.

Karl had another half dozen or so kits in various stages of development when he decided it was time to pull the plug on his operation. Most of the kits he had in development were beaten to the market by East European limited run and resin kits, and as a one man band, he found it very hard to compete with the likes of MPM, Special Hobby, Huma, Planet, AirModel, RS, etc.

One thing Wingnut International kits had always been praised for was the quality of the castings, so in an attempt to salvage something from the business, Karl wrote a book on mold making and resin casting and self published it. The book ended up selling in excess of 8,000 copies!

These days the only place you’re likely to find Wingnut International kits is on eBay or swap meets/ flea markets and as such they’re quite worth snapping up. (I managed to get my hands on one of Karl’s XP-72’s and can second this recommendation! – MP)