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I'm always looking for more content!

The original site was started by William Moore and soon featured review and build articles by a number of other Luft 46 fans.  I'm looking to continue that in this incarnation of the site.  At some point in the near future I'll have a template worked up to make things easier on both sides of the equation, but for now however, if you've something to contribute, then just let me know and I'll work out the formatting and such with you as it comes.

I'm looking for "in box" kit reviews, detailed kit reviews, full build reviews, and information about the various Luft 46 kit manufacturers.  I'm also looking for any revisions of information which I got wrong in getting this whole place up and running again.  Broken links, incorrectly labeled images, etc.,.  The more sets of eyes laid upon this site the better it will become for all.

So, if you've something to ad - even just a hello - then please drop me a line here: