Luft 46 Models: Arado kits


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Arado E 381/I
1/72, Injected Plastic
William Moore
This comes with the Ar 234 kit from Dragon . This plane came in two versions as shown in Dan's site with version I available in the Dragon kit. It's a small kit very quick and easy to assemble .

1/72, Resin
William Moore
This kit is rarer than hen's teeth . Fortunately I managed to get one . It comes as a few very nice resin parts along with a jig and is a little different to the Dragon kit and yes I'm keeping it . Again it is easy to assemble.

1/72, Resin
William Moore
According to Dan Johnson this is the only version of the II subtype currently available. See his site's Ar E.381 page for the differences between the two subtypes.

Lonestar Models
1/48, Resin
Gary Webster

A nice kit.