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Arado E 583 ( Arado Nachtjager Projekt I )
# 32 - Planet Models - 1/72

This is from the 99 US IPMS Nationals courtesy of Mark Hernandez

At first glance the aircraft looks a lot like the Gotha P-60C and it's about the same size. Once again, it was a German project, that was never built. The kit is quite large (it was a three seater) with about 40 parts. The fuselage and wings are moulded in halves (left and right, top and bottom), the wheel wells are detailed, the cockpit is 'adequate', there is a separate tail cone and engine 'fronts', drop tanks and what appear to be 'underwing' rockets. There's a very clear vac-formed canopy and a larger than usual Propagteam decal sheet. All in all. a very nice kit! Price current May '98 Earl Martell - NKR Models

Arado 583
Planet Models - NKR
Wulf Corbett

The Arado is VERY nice, hollow fuselage and wings, total 56 parts (with vac canopy), many of which are fiddly little undercarriage parts. It's impressive that they CAN cast these in resin, but it would be easier to replace some with rod to get them circular .The underwing drop tanks and rockets (R4M's) look too small under such a big wing, so I may put some X-4s on instead (HELP! I need more X-4s!). Cockpit will look sparse, despite 3 seats, 2 panels (fore and aft) and a joy stick - the new Airwaves Me P 1099 brass might work well here, I don't have it yet. Wheel wells are BIG and detailed adequately. One small complaint - the surface of all main parts is a bit rough, except the upper port wing, which is much smoother...

I just had another look at the Ar E583, my example is in good condition with only a small pin hole on the trailing edge of one wing, otherwise the surface finish of the parts is excellent. - John Clarke 

Arado 583
Planet Models - NKR
William Moore

Yet another half started kit - not the kits fault - just too busy and distracted . I found a few bubbles in this kit but fortunately most are subsurface and aren't a problem except for two damned ones in the engine intakes lower surface which are a bit of a bugger to fill . I also found the surface needed a little sanding. Though the wings are commendably thin they are subject to cracking at the tips and needed a little filler . The main body and all parts clean up easily and the flash isn't too bad . The main body looks lovely and after a little sanding seems to fit together well . This is as far as I got.

Availability :- This kit is an early series Planet kit , ie below # 38 and so is now out of production - Dec '99 . Buy one if you can find it.