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Dornier 335
Dragon - 1/72 - Injection Moulded

William Moore

At the moment this late 80's kit is the state of the art in 1/72 . Both Revell and Lindberg have had stabs at this plane . The Dragon kit is done in about 4 versions and is readily available anywhere. It looks like a typical Dragon kit - nicely presented and packaged with what looks like good mouldings . Unfortunately with Dragon the fit is less than perfect . I've never attempted this kit though I've done their He 219 which wasn't bad except for a glaring fault with the guntrough and some fit problems . I suspect with a bit of work this will produce a nice kit . You could probably find a review of this kit elsewhere on the 'net so I'd suggest to go searching there. For some reason the two kits I have bought are the B version which is the two seater but that's probably because they are the heavy fighter and nightfighter versions which I find more interesting . If you've finished one of these send me a scan and some words on the assembly.

The last scan below is my youngest Thomas's attempts to help Daddy with scanning whilst Daddy was out of the room - he did this twice before I caught him - I just thought the scanner was playing up because each scan was tilted to one side :).

Dornier 335
Tamiya - 1/48 - Injection Moulded

William Moore

Again I'm not going to write much about this new kit ( as at Sept 2000 ) other than to suggest going to www.aircraftresourcecentre for their reviews on this kit . As of now they have shots of the sprue for the A-version which is the single seater .The sprues clearly show the potential for a B version which may entice me to buy one of my rare 1/48 kits .

From Doug Devers - Got this in a newsletter from a hobbyshop I sometimes order from, if anybody wants to modify their new Tamiya Paragon-Design made in UK High Quality Resin Conversion/Update Sets should be a review of these in SAMI soon - William Moore


Let your DO 335 be the unusual one:

DO 335 B-2 Zerstoerer Umbausatz US$ 21,-

DO 335 B-6 Nachtjaeger-Variante US$ 23,-

DO 335 B-4 Heinkel Fluegel wingspan, Canopy and under-carriage US$ 23,-

DO 335 bulged wheels US$ 6,-

Paragon are also available from Hannants and probably other places - try some of my Links