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Dornier 435
Unicraft conversion - Resin - 1/72

Tim Large
For the Dragon/Revell Do 335 kit*

This kit comes in a small clear bag, with a colourful image of the finished kit. On opening the bag you get four parts, left and right rear fuselage and two new replacement tail planes, these are moulded in a blue resin with very fine engraving, but the fuselage is very thin in places. You also get a potted history and a scale plan.

The first job is to clean up the parts and remove the tail planes from their spure, then size up the parts to the donor kit to see what needs cutting and were. Make up the donor kit(do not forget to leave out the front engine if using the Dragon/Revell kit for weight to go in*) Once you have done this glue two new fuselage parts together and DRY fit! At this stage you will find out why Milliput superfine white filler is so popular cause you are going to need a lot of it!

The new fuselage after cleaning up and gluing is about a 2mm smaller in diameter than the Dragon/Revell kit and the fit where the bottom of the wing meets the new fuselage leaves a lot to be desired as well. After a lot of filling and sanding how ever you do get a very interesting looking aeroplane, and at $10US it a cheap and challenging conversion, which for me is what modelling is out about.

I used the Monogram Monarch #2 book "Dornier 335 Arrow" for reference, it's not only an invaluable reference book, but a very good history about the Do 335. One for any one making a kit of this aircraft.

* I have been told by Igor Shestakov that this kit can also be used on the Frog/Revell/Matchbox kit.

Below is the boxtop for the donor craft , and conversion and Tim's very nice finished conversion.