Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

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Freya Radar
Wurzberg Radar
Heliofly III


Ohka Model 43
AV Models, Resin 1/72

There are several Ohka manned flying bomb kits out there but this is the only one of the jet powered Ohka suicide bomb plane used by the Japanese during the last months of World War Two in the Pacific.  Here are more images of the kit's contents.

Ohka Model 53
Unicraft Models, Resin 1/72

Whereas the Model 43 was planned as a manned kamikaze aircraft, the Model 53 was intended as a radio controlled bomb.  This would have made it an early "stand-off" guided missile.  Here are scans of the Unicraft kit's contents.  As you might expect, given the intended size of the original and the kit's scale, this makes for a rather small model.