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Fw Triebflugel
Arba 1/48 #CK063 - Aviation Usk USA

Dan Johnson U.S.A.

At last ,a Triebflugel in 1/48! Just fondling the pieces, I can tell that Arba really did a nice job on this one. It is molded in cream colored resin with white metal detail parts. The nose section is in two halves, with very nice cockpit sidewall detail molded in. The cockpit includes, in white metal, a great ejection seat, stick and instrument panel. On the port forward fuselage half, there's even an open gun bay to show off the cannon (resin, included) on that side. All panel lines seem to line up properly, too. The bottom fuselage half is in one big hunk, with opposite fins molded on. The kit is even designed for the center section with the wings to spin! The wings themselves have a nice slight twist to them, and were molded with a piece of wire inside to facilitate joining to the fuselage center section. The wingtip ramjets are in two pieces (front and back). White metal landing gear are also included, and I believe with a minimum of fuss they could be made to operate! This is one of those rare kits that look so nice in the box that I'm almost afraid to build it. By all means, get one if you can even if you are primarily a 1/72 builder..

30/5/97 - William Moore - Having got mine just a week or so ago I can only echo Dan's comments - a great looking kit with good instructions - this is good quality casting , it's hard to believe it's the same company that produced the 1/72 Ar E 581-4 which I slam in the Arado section. BUY ONE This kit may still be available from Arba - try Aviation Usk as a starting point.

Focke Wulf Triebflugel
1/48 Reheat & Arba

John ? & Mark Hernandez

Reheat was also there and if you didn't know it already they also have a 1/48 Triebflugel. It's molded in the same grey resin they use for their figures and also has white metal parts similar to Arba's. It's much lighter than the Arba kit. The bottom section is hollow. The top section is one piece, except for the nose cap, with the cockpit moulded in. It looks pretty good. There is a section that goes over the cockpit to complete it. Unfortunately there was no one at the table that I could ask what price it was but I'm sure it's half of what Arba is selling it for. All the bottom fins have to be installed. The blades look like they don't have the wires like the Arba kits do. I guess I'll have to pick one or 2 up. I have the pricing of all the Arba kits now.

I did ask the price and if I remember correctly he said $69 US. Arba was asking $65 US for theirs. I have no idea which is a better kit. I do know that the Trieb is one of Arba's better kits.

Focke Wulf Triebflugel
Reheat - 1/48


The kit costs 40 Pounds GBP - 28 Resin , 15 Metal and 1 Vacform part.

Well packaged and presented kit with a figure with a single A4 instruction sheet. Assembly easy with nice cockpit , outrigger holes need to be deepened and set correctly. As usual the rotor blades are a little hard to position . Fit the tail wheel first then the outriggers to adjust. Cut open canopy to display work done.

Well recommended.  Below is an article from Tamiya magazine from '99.  

Fw Triebflugel
Huma - 1/72

William Moore

Most decent hobby shops / mail order places will have this kit which assembles fairly easily into a nice kit . A little care must be taken as the white plastic is quite soft. The "wings" with the ramjets at the end require work at the fuselage join as they can bend down a bit . Next time I would use metal tubing to help with this . It's a good starting point for Luft'46 modelling . The cockpit is a little basic but can barely be seen through the tiny canopy. The other main thing is to try and get all five wheels at the bottom to touch which may require a little gentle bending on the 4 outrigger undercarriage arms . Personally it's my favourite plane so I love it.  Above is Mark Hernandez's version of the Huma kit.  Below is my attempt followed by the kit itself including instructions.