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Focke-Wulf P.0310.025-1006 "Victoria Tail"
Sharkit 1/72 -Kit # 72010 $60US from Franck Wagner

Dan Johnson

This is Franck Wagner's second Luft '46-type model (the first is the 1/72 Horten XIIIb), and it is another good one, and fairly large, too. The kit measures about 9 inches (229 mm) in span and 7.5 inches (191 mm) in length. This is an in-the-box kit fondle review. The fuselage is cast in one solid piece (including the contra-rotating propeller hubs) and features limited panel scribing. There is only one small seam line to putty/sand, on the right side of the fuselage. The wings have a thick resin pour gate on the ends that attach to the fuselage, they don't look hard to remove, although some brass pins will be needed to attach the wings to the fuselage. The wings also include the main landing gear bays, and these are simplified, but since this aircraft project never got off the ground or even to the advanced drawing stage, it is admirable to even include landing gear. The cockpit is also very simplified, with only a seat provided. The Victoria tail is handled well, attaching to the rear fuselage and the wing trailing edges. The landing gear and landing gear bay doors are also provided. Franck also includes very nice instructions, including three views, an exploded assembly diagram and a history of this aircraft project. There were only two problem areas with my kit, which are really small. One is the exhaust stacks ,which may need to be replaced, depending on how picky you are, and the other is that my vac canopy was flattened. I have written Franck Wagner and requested that on all future production kits, the canopy be included within the box and not taped to the inside box top. This is a definite have-to-have kit if you are a Luft '46 model fan, and is the only one on the market....

Focke-Wulf P.0310.025-1006 "Victoria Tail"
Sharkit 1/72

Wulf Corbett

Surface detail is superb, nicely etched lines on the wings and tail parts especially. The fuselage is very glossily smooth, with little surface detail other than the tail location points and exhaust/cockpit (none too deep) /nosewheel holes. Mine, unfortunately, has a very nasty mould mark, but I've just about got rid of it without ruining the round cross-section. Imagine a Swiss roll - the mould mark was like the end edge that sticks out, as if the fuselage was rolled from a sheet of resin... Small parts are fine too, no problems. Because of the work on the fuselage I haven't done much to test-fit parts other than cleaning up, but the wings fit well, despite being simple butt-joins unlike the Horten.. I'm dreading trying to fit the horizontal tail bits... I'm not sure if it'll be a tail sitter, but the nose radiator is hollow, so can be drilled out for weights. Either way, the undercarriage looks weak and spindly...