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Ho 229


Sharkit 1/72 Resin

Sharkit Horten X (XIII b) Supplied by Hannants (see review...) Another solidly moulded, simple but complete kit from France. Unfortunately, either I'm just unlucky, or Sharkit has some problems with fuselages - this one, the only Sharkit kit I've seen so far with a 2-piece, partly hollow fuselage, had such badly warped parts I had to get replacements from Sharkit. Franck Wagner, the Sharkit man, lost no time sending me not one, but two replacement fuselages (4 halves). Interestingly, one was the same semi-hollow mould, the other solid, and with different wing attachment holes... Incidently, there are fuselage and wing attachment pins and holes, but I found it easier to cut all the pins off during cleanup - his resin 'sprue', whatever the technical term for it, tends to be quite thick and awkwardly placed near those pins!. The new bits, and original wings, fitted very cleanly with a little light sanding. As usual, surface detail is minimal, lightly etched on the wings, absent on the fuselage excepting the rudder line. It's quite difficult to clean up the join on the inside of the jet intake & exhaust, but otherwise no problems. The cockpit of this is in the thick vertical fin, and unusually seat, panel and floor are moulded as one, and very well moulded too, right down to panel dials - must be a very complex mould! The transparency is supplied as a thin piece of acetate taped inside the box lid - look carefully! - to be bent to shape for the simple, single-curve canopy. Small bits are few but nicely moulded, undercarriage legs, wheels & doors. However, the flash around the legs is worryingly thick to trim without damage to the thin legs. So, after all those adverse comments, did I like it? Yes, definitely! It's solidly, cleanly, if very simply moulded. It looks VERY sleek in it's present, semi-constructed state, fuselage and wings assembled. The closest I've ever seen to a paper-dart aircraft. The thin undercarriage worries me, but that's normal for most resin kits!

Horton (X )XIIIB
Sharkit - 1/72 - Resin

Gordon King - SAMI Feb 99

Kit - Castings fair with little surface detail and huge casting blocks. The instructions are basic.

Construction involved much filling , sanding and sculpting especially round the nose area. . The U/c is too weak , and the doors are too thick and need replacing ( slabs of concrete ). The acetate sheet canopy as amarked is incorrect . Hold a piece of paper over the cockpit and rub pencil over it to give an outline.

Conclusion - a bit of work but worth it - not a first resin kit. Below is the completed kit from SAMI plus the starting product.