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Ho 229


Czechmaster - Resin - Hannants - $ 40 AUD

John Clarke

The Ho VII was one of the all wing designs of the Horton brother's. This aircraft which flew successfully during the later war years and was to be used as a primary all wing trainer for pilots before they moved on to the jet powered Ho IX (Ho 229).

This resin kit comes in a segmented plastic bag with adequate instructions but no decals. Most of this kit is made up of a one piece wing, this was cast in a grey resin that CMK seem to use for some of there older offerings. surface detail was good but marred by a higher than usual (for CMK) number of surface pin holes, also something older CMK resin kits seem to be prone to.

The radiator intakes under the wing needed some filling but the only other complaint about this fine kit is the two piece main undercarriage legs which I kept expecting to break but never did.

Cockpit detail is adequate as is the one piece vacuum formed canopy, which I managed to easily fit with no gaps.

I finished my kit off in a RLM 65 / 71 colour scheme with decals by SuperScale.

All in all an easy kit to build with no vices.

NKR models in Australia

Hannants in England

Here's John's completed kit followed by scans of the kit.