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Ho 229


Horton XVIII
Sharkit - 1/72- Resin

Dan Johnson

After sanding and grinding off all the excess resin off the wing edges on the Sharkit Horten 18 kit, I am finding that it suffers from a major flaw: the wing thicknesses do not match up well between pieces. Most are not too bad, a bunch of putty and sanding could probably fix, but in a place or two that will require a LOT more fixing . Dan must have got an even earlier one than mine . Mine is numbered 83 and the wings are a shocker . The upper surface of my right hand wing looks like it was made for someone reading Braille . I'll be using a fair bit of Milliput on this one . Both wings have nibbles out of them and there will be filleting using Milliput on both wingtip ailerons . Whilst the wing fold detail is nice it's almost overkill as it is lost once assembly takes place unless you intend to show it part assembled but why ? BTW the wingspan is an impressive 22 inches or 57cm.

This is not one of the best Sharkits tho I suspect it is now out of production . It looks like Franck Wagner overstepped himself as later kits are much better - William Moore

A finished one from the 99IPMS Nats - courtesy of Mark Hernandez plus the original kit.

Horton XVIII
Unicraft - 1/144 - $45US airmail - Resin

The half size version from Unicraft at least will fit better on your shelves . Given the ropiness of the Sharkit this may be worth a look. I'm unsure of it's current availability - check their website at . This kit is of a different variant with 6 engines only 4 above the wing and a different shape slightly.