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Me P1109
Unicraft , Resin - 1/72

John Clarke N.Z.

The Me P1109 was a design for a twin engine jet with 2 swing wings that swung in opposition like scissors.

The kit comprises 11 parts plus the vacuum formed canopy. The canopy is possibly the only good point on this kit, it comes in its own plastic bag and looks like it has already been trimmed?

Unicraft kits come in a plastic bag with minimal instructions and only come with the basic parts, things like undercarriage, seats, decals you have to supply from your spares box. The kit comes in a green resin which can be quiet thin in places and is also very brittle (I don' know if you can heat straighten this stuff). Surface detail is reasonable but will end up being covered when ALL the holes are filled in. My example is one of the worst I have seen (for surface holes).

Both the wing fuselage joints look very flimsy and may need strengthening.

This kit is "NOT FOR THE NOVICE" and at US$40 (direct from Unicraft) is very expensive.