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Messerschmitt P.1112
Airmodel 1/72 resin

Mike McEvoy - SAM v.18 no.6 Aug 96

This was just about the last of the Messerschmitt projects on which design work was completed before the collapse of the German aircraft industry in May 1945, and was intended to put right some of the problems which had been found in wind tunnel testing of earlier designs. The annular intake of the P.1110 was replaced by flank intakes which bear a strong resemblance to those which later became known as 'NCA intakes', and the V-tail of the P.1106 was retained for its structural simplicity.The very clean resin castings are broken down, like those of the Airmodel kit of the Henschel P.135, in a very similar manner to those of an injection moulded kit. The fuselage halves are hollow and relatively thin-walled, and there is a separate tailpipe with the core plug characteristic of the German jet engines of the period. All three wheel wells are cast into a separate lower section, and the undercarriage legs and wheels are all metal. The fit of the parts is very good indeed, with any joins fillable with the resin dust from light sanding. I filled part of the space in the nose with plasticine to maintain the model's sit on the ground.

Two vacuformed transparencies are provided, a feature which always increases my confidence when cutting out the first. The informative and well-produced instruction sheet has two suggestions for finishes, and I elected to try the new Aeromaster acrylic colours on the P.1112, with RLM 82/83/84 top and sides and bare metal underneath. I will give my initial report on these paints shortly, but I was pleased with the results on this model. Decals have to come from the modeller's own resources, and in this case Superscale provided the markings for a Staffelkapitän of 8/JG.2. The finished model of the interceptor is small enough to make the wheels look a little large, but with the amount of information available on the projects of this era a certain amount of leeway has to be permissible, and the result looks very convincing.

Airmodel 1/72 resin
Michael Moore

This is yet another nice hollow cast resin kit from Airmodel . The body is two pieces with locating pins and a nice cockpit area . Everything is nicely cast but a few dings on a couple of pieces to correct with filler make it not quite perfect . The u/c and wheels are white metal and the usual thoughtful supply of 2 canopies is continued. This should be a nice quick kit so it may get done sometime soon. I believe Dan Johnson has some interesting information on possible variants of this plane at his site . Just look it up in the Links section.  Dan's & John Clarke's completed kits are shown below.