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Messerschmitt Schwalbe
Unicraft - 172 Resin

Evan Mayerle

This kit comes in the usual Unicraft bag and interior card packaging - what is different is that the main pices are seperately packaged in individual portions (presumably like A&V - William) within another plastic form. In addition to the basic kit you get a 1/72 3-view, a suggested colour scheme and a brief write up on the aircraft .

The kit itself contains left and right fuselage halves, upper and lower main fuselage halves, upper and lower front fuselage, two weights, the contoured portion of the nose landing gear door and a vacform canopy. The nose landing gear doors are moulded in the closed position and scratchbuilding is essential, including vacforming the contoured portion from the solid pieces provided to build an extended nose gear. Similarly the small cockpit area must be detailed if desired. The wings have the main landing gear well moulded in but dooors and U/c have to be scratchbuilt. The engine halves also need cleaning up and detailing - spare onions will be needed. The kit requires a fair bit of cleanup but not as much as previous kits from Unicraft have.

The wings are single piece mouldings with engraved panel lines and fairly restrained. The leading edges and trailing edges are somewhat rough and the trailing ones need thinning. The main fuselage halves are much the same as the wings. The wing joints are a butt joint as in lost resins but need some smoothing.