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Me P.1114
Part Time Models - 1/72

Scott Lowther (owner)

P.1114: The validity of this designation is dubious, but it seems to fit the few brief mentions I've seen. It is a more-or-less stock Me P.1101 fusealge and tail unit, but with in-flight variable geometry wings. This one was done mostly as an experiment, to see if I could adequately model an aircraft whose wings not only rotate fore and aft, but also translate fore and aft (like the Bell X-5). Turns out I can. The wings are quite different from those of the standard P.1101, being based on the single drawing I've seen. Comes with minimal cockpit detailing (a seat and transparency), with no landing gear or decals. Also, the wing root was left simple and bare; the original sketch showed no details such as a sliding wing glove or anything.

I've taken some photos of some completed models, and will try to post them to my website ( ASAP. If you want to order any of these models, go there for ordering info.

Me P 1114: The wing translation mechanism is a bit complex. In order to assemble the plane so that the wings can freely move, you'd be best off with epoxy, rather than superglue, becuase it'll take a little time to get everything lined up correctly. Also, there is a "track and pin" system... but some of the track didn't mold particularily well, and >will have to be cleaned out (took me about 3 minutes with a Dremel tool and a small bit).

Shortly after he did this kit Scott got out of L46 kits and so this design wasn't seen by anyone.