Luft 46 Models: Lippisch kit list

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Li DM.1
Li GB3
Li P11
Li P12
Li P13
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Li P20
Li P115
Li P116
Li P01.117


Dr. Alexander Lippisch was a truly gifted aeronautical engineer working in Germany during the war.  His main focus was on flying wings and his vision produce a number of designs that were both beautiful to behold as well as being aerodynamically efficient.  He is the man who came up with what became the Me-163 Komet.  Unlike many a postwar small flying wing aircraft, the Komet was actually a joy to fly and had few, if any handling vices.  Dr. Lippisch designed aircraft for several different firms during the war and he remained quite active in the field after the fighting had stopped.  A number of the designs which never saw metal bent to them during the war have since become grist for even more Luft 46 kits.