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Lippisch P.01-117
A+V 1/72 (resin) @$36 AUD - NKR Models

Earl Martell

It's been a while since there's been any new 'Luft. 46' kits and this probably won't satisfy too many appetites for too long.. .it's rather basic and shouldn't take more than a few nights to complete! As with the majority of A+V kits, no aircraft 'history' is included, just a sheet with a 3 view on one side and an assembly diagram on the other.

There are just 17 resin parts (a one piece fuselage, with 'cut out' cockpit, two wing halves, a tail and some smaller details...along with a landing skid and a ground trolly). There is also a vac form clear nose piece, plus a photo etched fret and a small decal sheet (with swastikas).

The above price was current as at Sept 2000. As AV Resin kits stay around a bit this one should be available for 1-2 years easily - William Moore.

Below scans of the kit.