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Lippisch P-12 Entwurf IV
Sharkit - 1/72 - Resin

William Moore

The first scan below is from Dan Johnson of the early production run on this kit . It must have been popular because it's been reissued with a new boxtop. With 12 parts to the kit this will be a quick build . The main body piece is well moulded with the bottom of the pilot's prone position shown very well even down to the pedals at the rear. The rest of the parts look quite good and it's interesting to contrast this kit to the earlier Ho18 abomination. I think Sharkit is much better at smaller kits. This kit would be a nice weekends work to assemble . The kit also includes a name stand for the kit to rest on which is a nice touch. The instructions are quite well detailed for such a small kit. I would be tempted to find a Hasegawa pilot figure to add to this . You will need to mask and paint the canopy before addition to the plane as at least half of the area is covered at the rear . Buy one from Hannants while they're still available or try Sharkit on my Links page . As this is written around Sept 2000 I expect this kit may be around for a maximum of 1 year from now and then the production run will cease.

Lippisch P-12 Entwurf III
Unicraft - 1/72 - Resin

William Moore

There is a review in SAMI recently - early 2000ish for this kit . It got a reasonable review at the time . I will try and dig this out sometime . The Entw III is different noticeably in having the pilot seated normally and a larger tail. It also looks somewhat squashed in comparison to the Entw IV. I must buy one when I can.