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Lippisch P.15
Airmodel - 1/72 -Aviation Usk - AUD $ 35

This kit has the body as one piece with only the tail and exhaust to add to get the right look. The cockpit detail is the usual basic seat , stick , rudder pedals and instrument panel . The U/c looks okay but I really worry given the solid body whether it will support it. It will also probably be a tail sitter with only the front cockpit area available for lead stuffing .the disappointing part is the intakes and exhaust are solid so a lot of carving and Dremel work will be needed . The wings are vintage Lippisch and look like they were taken off a Me 163. There is a little bit of mould line to clean up and a couple of pinholes . The canopy is the standard vacform one. Except for the intakes I'd give this a 9/10 but that is going to severely delay me starting this kit.