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Lippisch P-11
Planet - Resin

William Moore

This is a large crescent wing plane . the body is cast as two halves split horizontally . From the start I had made I can say these will need a little cleanup. They will need sanding along the trailing edges to get a reaaasonably thin , this is especially true near the engine exhausts . Speaking of engines the intakes will give a horrid see through effect if not worked on. I suggest painting the inside in black and adding some squashed brass tube painted black on the inside and maybe even some crude engine fans in aluminium colour. Other than that the only other major problem is the u/c looks a little thin for this kit . I doubt it will last long before bending. The big cannon 75mm looks really neat also. The camo scheme looks interesting also. It is nice to see Dan Johnson of getting recognition on this kit. It is nice to see these real oddities being kitted.