Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

RaM List

Atomic Bombs
R-1 Missile
Hs 117 Schmetterling
V-2 Manned
V-2 Support
V-7 Feuerball


Rheintochter R1, R3
RS Models 1/72

The Rheintochter ( Rhine daughter ) was a AA missile designed for launching at bombers. None were used in anger but test firings did occur. Both versions come together in the typical box from this company with, in this case line drawings, but often colour paintings of the a/c. The instructions are all in Czech and given their sparseness will require a lot of head scratching to figure them out. The various resin circles are clearly labelled for each version and you just have to then work it out. References may be handy here.  Fortunately I have a few photos from the Deutsche Museum in Munich which indicate that the fins were mostly wood as was much of the body with the instructions recommending RLM 76 & 02 as colours. The two bodies are in what looks like 1 mould due to their small size R1 - 3 inches long & R2 2 inches long and each about 1/4 inch diameter .

This is really a kit for the enthusiast which I am and I expect a good result after a little work but it ain't cheap for what you get.