Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

RaM List

Atomic Bombs
R-1 Missile
Hs 117 Schmetterling
V-2 Manned
V-2 Support
V-7 Feuerball


Wasserfall C-2 with Launcher Stand
Planet 1/72

William Moore

This is the first of these kits to mount the rocket onto a flak gun type launch stand. As such it costs much more than the others understandably . I'll report more when I get the kit .

I've started work on this and look forward to writing more on it.

Wasserfall C-2 with Launcher Stand
Extratech 1/72

Yes the launch stand looks ok and yes the 3 inch rocket looks nice but boy has the etched brass whacked the price up on this . RS Models kit of the same subject has 3 missiles for the same price and I thought that was a little pricey . It's a nice kit but think about the value for money before buying . The Wasserfall was a competing AA missile to the Rheintochter mentioned above . I've just been told by Ivan from Silverbird that the price is $9 not $18 as I said before so if you want just one missile then this is the cheap option but I still think with 3 missiles that the RS Models kit is better .Below are scans first of the RS kit then the last two being of the Extratech one. I'm not sure whether either of these is still available.