Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

RaM List

Atomic Bombs
R-1 Missile
Hs 117 Schmetterling
V-2 Manned
V-2 Support
V-7 Feuerball


V-2 Missile

The epitome of Hitler's "Wunder Weapons" and the most quickly thought of when someone speaks of the radical or advanced Nazi designs from WWII, the V-2 earned its place in history as being the first guided ballistic missile to see widespread use.  While crude and innacurate by today's laser guided, GPS cued, "smart" bomb standards, the V-2 was a big leap forward for the technology of the day.  Due to its historical noteriety, this subject has been molded many a time over the years.  Back some decades ago, Revell chose the V-2 as the subject of one of its "History Makers" kits and rendered it, along with its trailer / erector in 1/54th scale.  While out of production, that kit can still be found on eBay and on the back shelves of some hobby stores.  The V-2 has also been issued in other, more popular scales over the years.  Mauve rendered one in 1/48th and there's been several in 1/35th.  Of late has been the versions rendered by Condor, Special Hobby and MPM.

Condor, Plastic - 1/72

Condor has gotten good mileage out of this kit.  They've kept it in production for several years now and it is very reasonably priced.  Here are some scans of the kit contents: