Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

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Atomic Bombs
R-1 Missile
Hs 117 Schmetterling
V-2 Manned
V-2 Support
V-7 Feuerball


Sanger Rocket Plane
Unicraft - Resin -1/144

Who says hypersonic transorbital intercontinental bombers are something new?  Dr. Eugene Sanger came up with just such a proposal back in WWII and his "Silverbird" anti-podal design was what he envisioned to make that proposal a reality.  While he never got the funding to build the craft his concepts were sound enough that they were thoroughly explored from the 50's onward.  Most likely the material sciences of 1940's wartime Germany would've been vastly insufficient to have made such an exotic craft possible but, in true Luft '46 style, this hasn't diminished any of the speculation about the craft.  There's now been at least three different mouldings of this subject.  The most recent of which is Sharkit's and the other two now being exceedingly difficult to get hold of.

Unicraft - Resin - 1/144

Kingston Vacuum Works - Vacuform - 1/72

Sharkit - Resin - 1/72

The prolific model maker, Allen Ury has this to say about the Sharkit rendering of this interesting subject:

"This massive 1/72-scale kit could be built in either the in-flight (wheels up) or landed (wheels down) configuration.  It also came with a cockpit well and removable hatch.  In addition, modelers could purchase a vacuformed "booster" and resin engine module to build their own launch rail diorama -- assuming they had three-plus feet in which to display it!"

You can see Allen's finished version by heading over to his Silverbird page and you can still bring up the kit on the Sharkit's Sänger-Bredt Antipodal Bomber page.