Luft 46 Models: Messerschmitt kit list

RaM List

Atomic Bombs
R-1 Missile
Hs 117 Schmetterling
V-2 Manned
V-2 Support
V-7 Feuerball


Flakmine V-7 Feuerball
Unicraft, Resin - 1/72

Linzi Mumford

Unmanned VTO heatseeking missile, 8 Treibflugel type rotors, 4 ram jets WOW !

Material - Unicraft resin, need I say more? No transparencies needed.

Construction - easy but rotors brittle, difficult to fill usual pinholes and sand without snapping blades. Launched from 88mm gun platform, modified and not supplied.? are details supplied for the modifications- William

Finish - do it as armour camoflage as it would have been hidden whilst on the ground I reckon!.

Conclusion, Get it Get it Get it! Cheap and amazing for shock value on the club stand. Makes a brilliant diorama with a few vehicles and figures, Also, some Allied reports of spiral trails and huge aerial explosions suggest it may have been used.

Linzi's completed kit along with the original.