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Blohm und Voss 141B
Airfix or Bilek - Any hobby Shop - Cheap - $12 AUD

William Moore

For many modellers of my vintage or older this is the original weird plane. Back in those dim dark days this was the only one available with it's wonderful asymmetric look which captured my heart and wallet easily . Unfortunately looking at it with much older eyes you see it suffers from three main problems - thick glass on the large canopy which to some extent hides the stick and seat detailing of the cockpit area and tonnes of rivets - all need some work . Still it would probably turn out good after a bit of work and one day I may redo it to replace the one that disappeared when I shifted to Sydney .

Below is John Clarke's model of this aircraft.

Below are scans of the article from SAMI October 99 - available on backorder - a great magazine. Availability - Sept 2000 - I believe the moulds are back with Airfix and they are currently issuing it - you should be able to get this from your local store / etailer.

Blohm Und Voss BV141B
HiPM - 1/48 - Injection Moulded

Earl Martell

The first thing that strikes you on opening this kit is the's nearly a foot long! The second is the way HiPM has overcome the problem of fitting all that 'glass' onto the crew's 'gondola', without having any canopy 'steps' that have to be filled and sanded...the whole 'gondola' is moulded in clear plastic, so all you need do is mask off the 'windows'. The kit is very cleanly moulded in a light grey plastic with fine engraved panel lines (there are four sprues of parts, plus the fifth 'clear' sprue)....however, some of the smaller parts do have 'sink' holes that will need filling. Cockpit detail is very extensive, thanks to the inclusion of a photo etched fret plus a lot of small detail parts. The engine is only represented by the front cooling fan and a row of exhausts...there are no cylinders...not that you could see them anyway. The landing gear is highly detailed but although the wheel wells are 'boxed' in, they lack any detail at all! The kit comes with a comprehensive 12 page instruction book and a set of Propagteam decals with markings for three aircraft.

This kit was limited run in 98 so I'm not sure if it's still available in 2000 - check with the usual suspects like NKR Models , Squadron & Hannants - see my Links page.