Luft 46 Models: BMW kit list

BV List

BV 40 BV 141
BV 155 BV 237
BV P163 BV P170
BV P178 BV P179
BV P184 BV P188
BV P192 BV P193
BV P194 BV P196
BV P197 BV P198
BV P202 BV P203
BV P204 BV P205
BV P207 BV P208
BV P209 BV P210
BV P211 BV P212
BV P213 BV P215


The Blohm & Voss corporation was a well established and successful aircraft manufacturer in Germany long before the war started.  They produced a very successful line of seaplanes, some of which were among the largest aircraft ever produced up to that point.  Taking a rather large step away from its seaplane business, B&V also began designing aircraft for the Luftwaffe and it did so with a rather flagrant disregard for conventional design layout principles.  That it also did so following utterly sound aerodynamic principles was initially not noted.  It's primary success in this field was the BV 141 observation plane.  Even today its asymmetric layout is one of the few which have ever successfully taken to the air.  Blohm & Voss also designed a seemingly endless stream of very unique (if not oddball) advanced concept jet and rocket powered aircraft.  As such, the firm's designs are well represented in the Luft 46 kit world.