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B&V P 192.01
Planet Models - Resin 1/72

Richard Franks SAMI June 96 Page 405

This was the first Planet kit and a good start for many more. This is a typical resin kit with the usual detail parts - Franks advises cutting off the propeller blades before smoothing the centre section as there is a prominent seam line here. The only major drama is lining up the forward canards which are quite fiddly. The sway braces on the bomb rack will need replacing. The u/c with wheels fitted cant inwards so some packing is needed to get these sitting straight up and down . Being a tricycle u/c the kit needs nose weights - almost a case of grinding a hole , filling with lead then reblending. The decals are the usual delicate Propagteam ones. Available from NKR Models for $35 AUD at May 98.

Below are scans of the instructions, parts and a review from Mike McEvoy in SAM from 96 vintage . This kit is no longer being produced as at end 99 but you may still get one from Squadron or other places . I expect that soon it will be a matter of going to collecter style dealers like Kingkit - see Links section.

B&V P192.01
Planet Models Kit 1:72

John Clarke

The B&V P192 was a Blohm & Voss project for a dive bomber / ground attack aircraft of an unusual configuration that did not leave the drawing board. Of interest the P192, P193, P194 & P196 all seem to have had the same common front fuselage / cockpit area.

This resin model comes in the normal Planet box containing a segmented bag that holds all the parts, A4 instruction sheet & decals for one aircraft.

The model goes together well with some filling required around the area where the back fuselage joins the middle fuselage section. Please note this kit is definitely a tail sitter, consequently the rear & mid fuselage section need hollowing out, with some additional weight needing to be placed as far forward as possible to balance this aircraft on it's tricycle undercarriage.

There was also a moulding seam around the propeller that needs some care around the propeller hub, other than that the front fuselage section lined up without any problems. I also placed spacers between the main undercarriage legs & undercarriage doors from the spares box to hold the undercarriage doors off the wheels.

Cockpit detail is adequate on this model and the overall surface detail is up to the normal high Planet standard.

I finished my model off in a desert camouflage scheme of RLM 79 / 80 upper surfaces with RLM 78 on the lower surfaces, using the supplied decals.

I found this kit to be a pleasure to build and think it would be a worth while addition to any collection.

Here's John Clarke's finished one.

B&V P.192
Unicraft 1:72