Luft 46 Models: BMW kit list

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B&V Manually Controlled Rocket Projectile (B&V MGRP)
Unicraft - 1/72

John Clarke

The Bv MGRP was a design for a human guided missile capable of being carried on the back of a Do 217 to the vicinity of the target. It would then be released to continue the attack.

The Unicraft Bv MGRP is a resin kit comprising approx 12 resin pieces & a vacuum formed canopy packaged in a small plastic bag without instruction or decals.

This is a basic kit & does not really need instructions. The finish of the resin parts leaves lots to be desired, the rocket body comprising four parts were out of shape, requiring countless hours of filling & sanding to correct these problems.

The aircraft part comprising 4 parts was in better shape other than the wing looking too deep. There is also a complete lack of cockpit detail. ( No better on the Planet kit tho ) These Unicraft kit are not for novices,requiring a lot of work to make a presentable model.

B&V Manually Controlled Rocket Projectile (B&V MGRP)
RS Models - 1/72

William Moore

This is a nice little kit which includes a stand to place it on similar to that used for the old Heller kit of the Ba 349. The moulding is generally to the usual good standard of RS . It does have a few pinholes and and the main intake area will require a little fill and sand work. The only other criticism is that the cockpit area at the rear will require a little digging with a Dremel . Becaause the cockpit is open and the seat for lying down on will be visible including a pilot figure may be useful in this case to convey this unusual setup.

Whilst this kit looks simple a little extra work will be needed to get it's full modus operandi across.  There are no decals included but little apart from Balken & Haken Kreuze's would be required. A little exhaust staining on the top half may be appropriate giving the impression the parasite plane had been used more than once but very little would be needed for the bottom half as this would be only run up maybe once to confirm operation. Maybe you could add 2 to 5 mission markings on the top half . Given the semi suicidal nature of it's mission this would be for an experienced pilot. Maybe as the SS was wanting to dominate this field (e.g. the Ba 349) the uniform could be based on theirs, i.e. black with shoulder flashes - just a thought. The stand is featured along the bottom left of the second scan and you can see the work for the bottom engine shown in the middle top piece in the second scan.