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B & V P211
Planet Models - Resin

All I've got on this is that it's in 1/48 , Special Hobby also did this in 1/72. The kit is typical Planet quality but as it is an early kit ie #24 it is now out of production. The scans below are all courtesy of John Clarke of this kit - thanks.

Blohm und Voss P211
Special Hobby - Kit # 72003 -1:72

John Clarke

This aircraft was the Blohm & Voss entry in the Volksjager (peoples fighter) competition that ultimately led to the He 162. The P211 was of a much more conventional layout than the He 162. The P211 lost out to the He 162 for the contract to make the peoples fighter because of the chance of stuff being sucked into the engine during landing & the likelihood of damaging the engine during a forced landing.

This kit is a short run injection moulded kit, which comes with instructions, a single spruce containing all the main parts, a generic etched brass detail sheet, a single vacuum formed canopy & decals.

The instructions follow the normal Special Hobby format & are adequate, this being one of the first Special Hobby kits the instructions for the etched brass sheet are separate from the main instructions and need to be read in conjunction with the main instructions. The kit is of conventional layout and goes together well with only a little filler required. The cockpit floor # 13 needs to be narrowed down slightly to fit inside the fuselage. Some extra weight is also required in the front of this model to balance it on its undercarriage.

All the joints are of the butt fitting kind without locating pins, under normal handling & the use of a good glue I have found that no extra reinforcing is necessary.

I finished my model of in an overall RLM 76 with a RLM 75 mottle over the upper surfaces.

This kit goes together well and was a pleasure to build . I would recommend this kit to anyone interested in something a little different.

This kit is available from - not sure of current availibility - NKR models in Australia, Hannants in England, Squadron mail order in the USA.

Here's a completed kit from John Clarke.