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B&V P193.01
Planet Models, Resin, 1/72

William Moore

This is a development of the B&V P192 ( also from Planet ) with a pusher propeller at the tail with the engine mounted over the wings with a tricycle U/c and a tail on the underside. Armament is 2 20/30 ?? mm cannon mounted outside the radiator intakes on the wings ( similar to Hs 129 one that was centrally mounted ) with a 1000 kg bomb mounted on the underside . The P.192's parentage is obvious in this plane. The colour scheme is RLM 81 overall with 76 patches on the upper surface. The decals look quite nice with 2 puzzling elements, the first being a skeletal hand at the nose reaching out to grab something - does anyone have info on whether this symbol was ever used on a real plane ( Doug Devers advised me that the skeleton used on my email area was used for 3/JG51 but just recently I also saw the exact same hand in a book called Flying Colours - Gunston & Sweetman being used by 1&2/ZG1 in 1944 in Rumania which is probably where the decal manufacturer got the idea from. The other puzzle is the tail swastikas which have a small Balkenkrauz at the centre which pasted in the middle make up a complete swastika . This two part swastika is obviously a solution to some countries problem with this symbol but it just makes things harder. I think we can expect this in all future Planet kits - pity tho. Still it's not as bad as those swastikas in 2 halves that you have to join up or Huma's funny squares that you have to cut out bits to get a swastika.  My advice is just purchase a sheet of swastikas and use these.

The actual kit is vintage Planet/Czechmaster stuff. The main body is hollow in the centre with mould lines and a little flash to clean up. The wing tips and rudders as well as the nose section ( 2 parts ) are on the newer moulding block arrangement and need to be cut off. Personally I find this a little annoying as more care and time must be spent in parts cleanup but the quality is certainly there with fine crisp panel lines. The rest of the parts are on the traditional circles of flash and parts with the occasional pin hole. The nose wheel is 1 piece but is a reasonable attempt given this - I'd rather a separate wheel myself tho. On the whole a good kit and very much what you expect from Planet - BUY ONE.

Below are some scans from the kit - again this kit is now discontinued and so will become a collectors items and a consultation with people like Kingkit ( may be necessary see Links section.  As you can see I started this kit but got sidetracked . You can see the problem with the body / cockpit section join where the sizes are different - lots of fairing / sanding needed here. In hindsight it may have been better to insert a shim here.