Luft 46 Models: BMW kit list

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B & V P209.01
Sharkit - 1/72 - Resin

Dan Johnson

This kit comes with white metal nose wheel and legs, the main landing gear can be set moving in and aut, the engine is fully detailed and the engine doors can be removed. The upper engine bay door and the canopy are of transparent vaccu. The inboard armament is also detailed and the doors can be set open. Easy and full cockpit access is possible to allow fine painting and super-details. This kit can be obtained from Hannants or Sharkit direct - see my Links page - as of Sept 2000 this kit was still available.

Blohm Und Voss P.209.02
Airmodel AM2069 - Resin 1/72

William Moore

This is a typical Airmodel kit as moulded by Czechmaster . A single piece body , 2 forward swept wings ,cockpit piece and details ( basic ) with canopy , seperate jet inlet/outlets and a vacform canopy. As usual the U/c area has lots of parts on a thin circle of resin. The U/c doors have stringers moulded on them. The actual plane is interesting for it's wings that are forward swept but otherwise the plane is very conventional in a MiG 15 sort of way. The inlet is far enough down that it can be dug in further to give a better illusion of depth as was not able to be done with the He P1078C. The front part of the cockpit area will need lots of lead to avoid a tail sitter

The parts seem to fit ok though some cleanup is necessary . There is a mould line down the middle of the body with some small holes also needing to be filled. 
This kit looks like it will go together fine and is recommended .  Airmodel kits have become somewhat elusive - I'd try Av Usk and Hannants - see Links page but as of 2000 I'm not sure anymore.