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Bv P205
RS Models Kit # 7252

John Clarke - N.Z

The Bv P205 was the designation of the design study that led from the Bv 155B ultra high altitude fighter ,which first flew during the last months of the war & the Bv 155C which reached the mock up stage at the end of the war.

The kit calls itself Bv 155C (P205) this is incorrect as these were almost completely different aircraft! The kit is of the Bv P205 paper design!

This 1:72 scale resin kit comes in the normal segmented plastic bag enclosed in a heavy cardboard box with instructions but no decals.The kit comprises approx 33 parts, the main fuselage & wings on my example had few mould lines & were free of air holes & surface imperfections.

The remainder of the parts come in two resin membranes that were a bit thicker than normal & required some filling around the air scoops. The undercarriage legs have moulded in the resin wire reinforcing which will stop any leg bow, but the long term drooping of the wings may be another matter as this kit has a large wing span?

This kit comes with a single vacuum formed canopy which lined up well.

This kit went together with out any problems and lined up well, there was only minimal filling around the underside wing join & air scoop.

The cockpit comes with a moderate amount of detail, but I often wonder whether this is necessary on a single seat fighter as it is so often difficult to see in the cockpit when the model is finished.

I finished my example off in a almost standard RLM 76/81/82 splinter camouflage scheme using Gunze acrylic paints.

This kit makes up into a large aircraft with a wing span of some 260 mm.

A nice kit and is available for US$24.90 direct from RS models.