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B&V P196.01
Planet Models 1/72 Resin

William Moore

Well if this ain't a Ju 87 replacement I don't know what is , in the same manner the BV P194 was angled at replacing the Hs 129. It's a dive bomber / ground attack a/c. The plane is a twin boom with 2 BMW003's mounted underneath and each boom was to carry up to a 500kg bomb with armament being 4 nose guns . The main body and tail booms come as one piece with 2 wings , a cockpit and the engine area for the underside . The wings and jet area are again on blocks and need a bit of work on cleanup . The rest of the parts are pretty standard but the fuel tanks suffer from mould mismatch . The decals are the usual but again the 2 part swastika .Camouflage pattern is RLM65 under and as a squiggle over a 70/71 splinter on the upper surface . A good kit but a bit more cleanup is required . Buy one if it's your cup of tea - not a must have IMHO . the price above is current at May '98 - See below .

Scans below of the kits contents.

John Clarke

The Planet company now has an extensive and ever growing range of 1946 Luftwaffe kits. This kit comprises instructions, decals, a vacuum-formed canopy, and the resin components all in the normal box.

Most of the fuselage, wings & tailplane are all moulded in a one-piece resin casting, with some evidence of seam lines around the tailplane, which will require filling during construction. Overall the parts are hole free & free of imperfections. However some of the pieces, notably the drop tanks were out of register, and will end up being discarded as it will take too much work correcting! ( Substitutes are available from companies like Airwaves & Kendall ) .All the small parts are joined by a thin membrane & are well moulded, other than the drop tanks .

This kit goes together well with a minimal amount of filler, care needs to be taken with the undercarriage, not only getting it to line up properly but also to get it sitting on all four legs.

Some people reinforce the butt joint between the wings & fusalage, overall I have never found this to be necessary. As long as you make the joint as flat as possible. This being said if you are exibiting your model & it is likley to be handled a lot some reinforceing may be nesassery.

The cockpit area is a bit Spartan by modern standards, there being no PE fret unlike the "Special Hobby" kits. The canopy fits well with little filling required.

All in all this is a straightforward kit, that will hold few problems for most modeller’s.

This is from SAMI 3/99 by Lee Bagnall of Padded Cell '46 fame